pRF4 selection marker

Hi All

I wished to transform pRF4 into bacteria to have a stable copy of this plasmid and wanted to know the selection marker for this rol-6 plasmid.

It’s amp resistant

Yup, it was cloned into pUC19 and is thus AmpR

thanks for your replies, could you also tell me what the size of this plasmid is? I have done a miniprep and wished to confirm that I have the correct plasmid.

The pRF4 sequence can be found here:

An aside: for some applications the rol-6 marker has been superseded. Granted, it is very easy to score using a dissecting scope. But it can cause difficulty later in assessing certain phenotypes. You might want to consider GFP markers in combination with dpy-20 or unc-119 rescue.