Promotor::GFP construct for Acetylcholinergic neurons

Dear all,

I am looking for strain which is expressing a GFP under a promotor for Acetylcholinergic neurons comparable to the strain EG1285 (expresses GFP under a GABAergic promotor). Can you recommend a strain?



The closest strain I know is SA1001(Pacr-2::GFP) Expressing GFP in Choligernic neurons. You can see this paper devoted to specificity of neurons to RNAi, titled “Selective sensitivity of Caenorhabditis elegans neurons to RNA interference.” Neuroreport. 2005 Dec 19;16(18):1995-9

Hope this helps, ???


The acr-2::GFP strain is useful for visualizing most of the cholinergic ventral cord (VNC) motor neurons (if memory serves, it is expressed in DA, DB, VA, VB but not AS), as well as some head and tail neurons. If you want to see ALL of the cholingeric neurons in the worm (head, tail, and VNC), then I would recommend LX929, which drives GFP using the unc-17 promoter. unc-17 encodes the vesicular acetylcholine transporter (VAChT) and as such is postulated to be expressed in all cholinergic neurons. Good luck!

Concur about LX929, I only wanted to add you may if unlucky need to consider its chromosomal location for making crosses. My initial efforts to use it suggested it is on X–hopefully not a problem for you, but possibly useful information.

Otherwise, it is indeed an excellent strain for this purpose.