reference gene for miRNA qRT-PCR

I am planning to find out the expression profiles of two miRNAs in C. elegans with qRT-PCR but
I could not find any proper reference gene for normalization. Could you suggest any reference genes please?
Thanx in advance:)

You might get some useful information from this previous thread.

Thank you for your kind response, for mRNA purposes the previous discussions fit, but what I am really looking for is a proper reference gene for miRNA quantfication.
Thanx for your time :slight_smile:

The small RNA reference depends on the experiment you are performing.

You could use a miRNA as reference which you know is constantly expressed. Alternatively a snoRNA (e.g. U18) or snRNA (e.g. sn2343) are usually very good references.

I am usually using the median of multiple references.

good luck.

Dear all,

has anyone have experience in miRNA reverse genetics using modified antisense oligos? or any other method?