Reproduction and publication of localizome data (Marc Vidal)


I have a question regarding the localizome project of Marc Vidal and others (Dupuy et al., 2007, Nature Biotechnology). For this project, they generated numerous promoter::GFP fusion strains to analyze the expression patterns of many different genes and made the data available on wormbase.

I would like to use one of these strains (I already have in the lab) for my own publication to show a representative image of the expression pattern of my gene of interest. Would it be sufficient to cite the localizome project and the people who made the strain? Actually, I would prefer an official permission of Marc Vidal that I am allowed to use this strain for my own publication. I already tried to contact him by email, but it seems that he is very busy. :wink:



Hi Wiebke,

the strains were generated by the British Colombia Gene Expression Consortium so to use them you should contact David Baillie. He is much more responsive to email solicitations :o)



To my knowledge, you don’t have to contact with anybody to request a permission to use the transgenic strains in your paper, because their expression analysis are already published and the strains were given to the CGC, which has the permission to distribute anylab interested. However, you just have to refer the paper when you publish you paper, and maybe acknowledge the lab who generated in your paper. That’s how we did it.