Research Assistant position available in Hansen lab/La Jolla

Research topic: How do organisms age? The Hansen lab at the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute study the molecular mechanisms underlying aging, with a specific focus on the cellular recycling process autophagy. For our studies, we use both mammalian cell culture as well as the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. Our lab is conducting research using a multidisciplinary approach that integrates genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, and microscopy to address our research objectives.

Duties: Responsibilities of research assistant would include handling laboratory administration, overseeing equipment installation and maintenance, ordering and stocking of lab supplies, preparing general lab reagents, maintaining various reagent collections and inventories, including of C. elegans strains. Other tasks include training and supervision of new lab personnel, and assisting with C. elegans research experiments.

Hire specifics: Full-time position starting approximately January 3rd 2017. Previous laboratory experience in biochemistry, molecular biology or genetics is required. Experience with C. elegans is strongly preferred. Hiring level will be determined based on previous experience.

The lab is seeking an energetic and highly motivated individual, who is capable of multi-tasking and teamwork. Skills to emphasize are responsibility, organization, independence, problem solving, and interpersonal skills. The successful applicant will work in a stimulating academic and cultural environment, and will have the opportunity to contribute as an author on manuscripts.

Please send CV (resumes) before November 23rd to Hansen lab’s administrative coordinator Lisa-Marie Bellovich,