RFP construct

Does anyone know of an RFP construct that expresses well in worms? I am looking for an RFP that has been modified like GFP from the Fire
vectors to create a pan-neuronal RFP-expressing worm and have no experience in this field.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Does it have to be RFP, or is mCherry acceptable? If so, pGH8 in Erik Jorgensen’s MosSCI kit might work for you. I have subcloned various neuronal promoters into this vector and also used the vector as a template for PCR promoter fusions to mCherry, both with great success. The mCherry in this vector expresses very nicely in worms. You can obtain the vector through Addgene, I believe.

Hope this helps,

Allen Andrews

Thanks, Allen. I’m just looking for a red fluorescent protein, doesn’t have to be RFP, so I’ll look into your suggestions.

We have some good unc-119::mCherry strains made from an unc-119::mCherry reporter. These express nicely in neurons. Contact me if interested (mmaduro@ucr.edu).