size asymmetry in cell divisions in C lineage


I found that there is a clear size asymmetry in some cell divisions in C lineage. It was like P0 division.
Obviously, Ca and Cp as well as Caa and Cpa undergo size-asymmetric cell division.
This seems to be very basic, but there was not description at least in Sulston’s lineage paper.
Does anyone know about the size asymmetry in later cell divisions in C lineage?
Does anyone know a reference for the size asymmetric cell divisions in C lineage?



I guess all of the cell lineage people go off on holiday at the same time, either heading north or south (or is that anterior posterior?). Anyway, in their absence and because I always like to be totally clear about what’s being asked:

How late are we talking here?

Have you read through this early paper from von Ehrenstein’s group, on p. 375 they allude to size differences in the C lineage?

‘In the C lineage, one member of each of the
four daughter pairs of the third division divides later than the
other one. Possible differences in size of these cells must be
further studied.’


Thanks Steveh

Actually, they did allude the size asymmetry… I might need clear description…


I think I have read one so far. In my dream?