Can anyone offer any suggestions to generating males in the SJ4005 strain. This strain carries the hsp-4 gene fused with gfp. All my heat shocking efforts to generate males since the last six months have failed. I did get a single male once, but it was sterile.

Maybe you could try RNAi with him-8 ?? I think that bacterial strain is available at the CGC.

Thanks, Ill look that up.


I also struggle to generate males with this line. I had 3 of them after a 6.5hrs HS at 32˚C but then the mating with hermaphrodites did not work…
I welcome any suggestion too!

Can’t you just cross a wild-type male in and then just homozygous the gfp…or just put him-8 or something in the background?

Hi Kris

We also experienced the same problem. We simply crossed the SJ4005 strain with N2 males, so we got F1 males carrying the hsp-4::GFP integrated array in heterocygosis. You could then use these males to cross it with any given mutant strain of your interest

Hope it helps