Transferring small volums of worms - sticky tip problem

I can’t use Triton/Tween as I have very osmotically sensitive worms and they pop too easily in the presence of detergent.
I’ve just tried some low retention tips and, while better than standard tips, they still retain worms. Siliconized
glass capillaries perhaps? Maybe something other than detergent. PEG perhaps? Any ideas?

have you tried the glass-P200 hybrid?


Or, for less accuracy and especially flexibility of volume, but maybe more convenience, mouth-pipetting with glass micropipets? You can get them marked for 5, 10, 20, or 25 ul, and (assuming the marks on the pipets are correct) they can be used with reasonable accuracy.

Instead of detergents we often add gelatin to our M9 to prevent worm adherence. Works pretty well in our hands.

we use 0.1% PEG and it does the trick

0.1% PEG or 0.1% gelatin work well and transfer is better if low retention tips are also used. My osmotically-challenged worms
also don’t pop nearly as often. Thanks for help.