Transgenic Service

Does anyone have experience with using the company Knudra to generate transgenics?
I am thinking of paying them to do a gene gun transformation for me (since I do not have access to a gun.)
I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has used their service!

Janet in Athens, OH

Hi Janet,

as no one has answered (at least on the forum), I thought I would…we have a brand new (fired only a couple of times in anger during testing) ‘genegun’, here it’s called a Heliumkanone. You would be welcome to try it out with your construct. That’s the good news…the not so good news is that we are based in southern Germany and unless you fancy a short holiday here (in winter don’t forget) and the air fare from Athens Ohio is less than the $945 Knudra charge, it’s probably not worth it!

Another alternative would be that someone offers to have a go at doing the biolistic transformation for you (hint to forum members in the US). If all fails and the transformation is not that urgent (which I doubt), you could wait for our facilty to be up and running and send us the construct.

Anyway, good luck…see if Knudra will give you a discount in return for the kudos of being mentioned in a research paper…



Guess no one reading my post has any experience with Knudra.
I’ll probably go ahead and pay them the ~$1K to do the transformation for me.
Time in Germany sounds more fun, but …

Thanks for your offer! Janet

Hi Janet,
I started a project with them about a month ago - full built, will be able to report back hopefully in a month time.
In the mean time I have used Idibell facility in Barcelona - they only charge 300 euros for bombardment/injection
service and 1st service gets 50% off. Much cheaper at least for european users. Got my first transgenic array,
now waiting for the second construct to be bombarded.

Hi Janet,

We sent two constructs to Knudra for bombardment services in mid-July. We received one strain with strong germline GFP expression for one of the two constructs. We are waiting on additional unc-119 rescued strains to test for GFP expression from the second construct.


Thanks for the replies - I’ll check out the Idibell site! Janet