Ubiquitous fluorescent marker?

Hi all,

I’m thinking about setting up a high-throughput microscopy screen that would be much-enhanced by using animals in which the entire body (or as much as possible) is fluorescent, so that the position of the animal can be easily identified.

Does anyone have any suggestions for healthy strains with an (ideally integrated, ideally cytosolic) fluorescent reporter construct that’s ubiquitously expressed throughout adulthood? I’m thinking that col-19::GFP would be a possibility. A cytosolic myo-3::GFP would be good, too, but I can’t find any at the CGC that aren’t markers for some other transgene… rps-27 or let-858 might be good options too, or even sur-5, but again, I can’t find any obvious candidates in the CGC.

Thanks for any suggestions!


The eft-3 promoter is bright and pretty much ubiquitous. We’ve deposited several integrated lines at the CGC with Peft-3::GFP at various mosSCI sites (see for example EG6070). Even as a single insert it’s easily visible on our dissection scopes on the low magnification setting. We use the insertions as visual balancers for crosses.

The transgene was co-inserted with cb-unc-119 on Chr. II and is in the unc-119 III background.


Aah, phenomenal! Thanks!


a question similar to the previous one:

I am looking for a healthy strain with a fluorescent reporter construct that’s is expressed throughout adulthood but not expressed in the pharynx or gut.

I would like to use it to set up an assay to record the behaviour of other tagged worms in comparison to this one.

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

addressing the first question: Psur-5::gfp is expressed in all cells.