unc 54 3' UTR

I was wondering what exactly the unc 54 3’ UTR contains which allows for expression in all somatic cells


You can get Fire vector unc-54 3’UTR sequences and compare them to the endogenous unc-54 sequences to figure out what exactly is contained in the vector. Traditionally unc-54 3’UTR has been considered a neutral 3’UTR that does not alter expression of cDNAs to which it is attached. However, unc-54 is now known to be in an operon with aex-5, and the unc-54 3’UTR actually contains aex-5 sequences. Are these aex-5 sequences functional in a transgene? Do they alter expression? Some transgenic GFP expression in gut has been described in the Fire vector supporting literature, and was previously assumed to be a general low level artifact of worm transgenes. Could that be due to unc-54 3’UTR/aex-5 sequences? let-858 might be a better 3’UTR to use, particularly if gut expression is to be avoided.

Hat tip: Michael Ailion.