Which amino acids can C.elegans synthesize themselves?

As the subject.
Particularly I want to know if the worm can make Arginine and Lysine. Where can I find the relevant information? Thanks a lot!

there was a paper on retention and loss of Amino Acid Biosynthetic Pathways:

Samuel H. Payne and William F. Loomis “Retention and Loss of Amino Acid Biosynthetic Pathways Based on Analysis of Whole-Genome Sequences” Eukaryotic Cell, February 2006, p. 272-276, Vol. 5, No. 2

to summarize:
C.elegans is not able to synthesise Arginine and Lysine, in contrast to Vertebrates who can synthesise Arginine
basically ASS1 and ASL is missing.

for related searches:
GO:0006526 is arginine biosynthetic process
GO:0009085 is lysine biosynthetic process

there are three C.remanei genes with that gene ontology, but as the Interpro2GO mapping for this domain was removed from the latest GO database, I would expect that to vanish when we recalculate the automatic mappings. Probably around WS189/WS190 .

Thanks a lot!