Worm Labs


Can any body give a list of worm labs spread all over the world?

or any weblink where I can get that list…

I will really appreciate that.

Here you go…


The list on Leon Avery’s site, which is linked above, is a good place to start, but I’m not sure when it was last updated. The CGC’s list of PI’s who’ve been assigned a designation for strains created in their lab is more complete - it contains about four times as many entries, although some of those strain designations are assigned to people who have retired or no longer work on worms.

Another way to look, if you have a specific city, state, country, or institution in mind, is to do a Pubmed query for “Caenorhabditis” (or “nematode”, or whatever you want) and search among the results for those entries whose corresponding author lists that city, state, country, or institution in their affiliation; this will sometimes turn up researchers who don’t show up on the CGC’s list.

Thanks a lot…