WormMart - WS220-bugfix?

Does anyone know the difference b/t the WS220 versions in WormMart? I assume that the one labeled “bugfix” is correct, but it would be nice to have that assumption confirmed by someone who knows…


Hi Harold,

I believe it was an attempt to fix some bugs in the WS220 release. I don’t exactly know which ones, but you could ask on help@wormbase.org , maybe there are some that know more.



Ruihua Fang who was working at Wormbase told me that WS220-bugFix has a fix on the coordinates of the Variation dataset.

But it doesn’t have all the functionality of WS220. E.g. in the RNAi dataset it’s not possible to search PCR_Product.

Hope that helps


Thanks, Jonathan. That information is very useful, since we’re using the data sets for calling SNPs.


Here’s the response I received from Raymond Lee at Wormbase:

“yes, you should use the bugfix version when possible. it lacks certain data types. in those cases, try WS220. if you run into any problems or need more up to date data, please do not hesitate to write to us.”