1st Meeting of the Italian C.elegans and other nematodes Research Community

We are happy to announce the “1st Meeting of the Italian C.elegans and other nematodes Research Community” (M.I.C.e.R.Co.) that will be held in Naples (ITALY) at the IGB-ABT, CNR on April 20-22 2007.The Meeting will be organised by Paolo Bazzicalupo and Elia Di Schiavi.
We are glad to announce the guest lecturers:
Prof. J. Hodgkin (University of Oxford, UK) and Prof. J. McGhee (University of Calgary, Canada)
The meeting is open to everyone really interested and we would like it if you forward this invitation to anyone you think might be interested.
For this first meeting we expect a participation of about 40-50 people. We invite all partecipants, in particular young people, to present their work in a short talk. Presentations will be in English. Thanks to Sponsors contributions (Leica Microsystems,BD Biosciences, Promega, Celbio, Cambrex) fellowships for accomodation and some support to travel expenses are available for Postdocs, PhD students and undergraduates.
The web site of the meeting is:
If you are interested in partecipating please write to dischiav@igb.cnr.it