2008 Topics Meetings announced

June 11th-15th
Development & Evolution Meeting
Madison, WI
Organizers: Diana Chu, Ahna Skop

Topics Include:
Cell Biology/Morphogenesis/Muscle
Cell death
Cell cycle regulation, cytokinesis, mitosis, meiosis
Cell fate specification – embryo
Cell fate specification – post-embryonic
Sex determination

June 29th-July 2nd
Neuro Meeting
Madison, WI
Organizers: Janet Richmond, Maureen Barr

Topics Include:
Behavior/sensory transduction
Neuronal development
Synaptic function

August 3-6th
Aging, Stress & Pathogenesis, Madison, WI
Organizers: Pam Padilla, Todd Lamintina

Topics Include:
Aging and Stress
Dauer and heterochronic genes

If interested in helping organize please contact organizers.