2012 Neurobiology Meeting

C. elegans Neurobiology Meeting
14-17 June 2012
EMBL Advanced Training Centre
Heidelberg, Germany

Joy Alcedo
Leon Avery
Alexander Gottschalk
Lindy Holden-Dye
Josh Kaplan
Ikue Mori
Stephen Nurrish
Piali Sengupta
Kang Shen

Jean-Louis Bessereau
Gert Jansen
William Schafer

more information at www.embl.de/training/events/2012/ECE12-01

Registration and Abstract Submission closes: 29 March 2012

This year’s topic meeting will focus on the following subjects:

* Development of the nervous system
* Behaviour
* The synapse
* Sensory responses
* Signalling
* New technology

would anyone attending this meeting whose research encompasses the insulin/IGF-1 (daf-2/daf-16) pathway in some way be interested in meeting up during the conference to talk over a coffee/tea/juice/Barley Cup/water about the current “state of play”?