''a plasmid containing sqt-1(sc13) ...''

There is a plasmid from Kramer lab, containing sqt-1(sc13), described in the ref. linked below
and transgenic sqt-1(sc13) suppose to suppress the transgenic rol-6(su1006).

  1. I wonder if others used the sqt-1(sc13) plasmid to suppress effects of pRF4 ?

  2. Perhaps someone might have sqt-1(sc13) plasmid in their lab / collection
    and would be willing to provide me with some of the material / bacterial stab ?

(thanks in advance !)


Why not request the plasmid and ask these details to James Kramer himself?

I have successfully suppressed the rolling of an integrated rol-6(su1006) transgenic strain by crossing it into the background of the sqt-1(sc13) mutant.
The sc13 mutant worm strain is available from the CGC. Have not tried this by injecting a sqt-1(sc13) plasmid.

sqt-1(RNAi) does a mediocre job of suppressing the Rol phenotype rol-6(d)-containing transgenes.

Thanks for the responses:

Regarding 1. Snug: I believe I did asked James Kramer (e-mail), but have not heard from him.
Regarding 2. Barth: thanks for posting - that sounds encouraging (!)
Regarding 3. dreiner: ‘mediocre’ … that also sounds interesting.

Together think, - I guess, it might save me some working hours if I could receive the original plasmid -,
however if there is no other way: I might end up PCR-ing out of the sqt-1(sc13) mutant and remaking the plasmid …