about laying eggs


can one adult worm lay eggs for several times in its life time?
I mean if you put an adult worm on a plate, will it lay some eggs at, say 1pm, and lay some more eggs at 3pm, and maybe more at 4pm?
or it just lay all the eggs once?

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I recommend you read Bill Schafer’s chapter of Wormbook and consult references therein.

Average is 3 eggs/hour. At 20C, in my hands, N2s start laying around 54 h on food (plating starved L1 after an ON bleaching) and lay about 250 total, along 3 days when they start laying oocytes because they get out of sperm.
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hi, guys, thank you so much for the information, it is helpful to me.
Katlinbm, by saying “lay about 250 total, along 3 days when they start…”, do you mean, laying eggs is not a one time work, the adults just lay eggs during a long period(3 days), and there are intervals between each two releases?

So, I synchronized my worms using the synchroniztion solution, it works, and I got eggs from the gravid adults, but I found that the worms hatched from those eggs still have different stages (but it is much better that the unsynchronized ones).

Do you know how long an egg develops inside the adult 's body before being laid, is it ~8 hrs? if it is, then even I use the synchronization solution, different eggs still need different time to be hatched to worms, right? say, one egg is at it first hour after fertiliztion, and an other egg is at its 7 hr aftern fertiliztion, so even if they are released at the same time, the first one still need longer time(6 hrs more than the second one) to be hatched, is it correct?

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I appreciate your help!


yes, the different batch of eggs of course it would hatch in different timing, thus raise up to different stages
However, if you would get a synchronized worms, then perhaps u can refer to Andy and HillelSchwartz’s posts here


hope it helps