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Danio rerio (zebrafish) is a small fish that shines in biomedical research. Zebrafish lay hundreds of eggs that develop externally, allowing scientists to manipulate genes and monitor early phenotypes in complex organisms.

In the past two decades, zebrafish have joined the rank of the main model organisms used in biomedical research with a full set of tools and genome resources. The zebrafish (Danio rerio) is the main non-mammalian vertebrate model organism. This small aquatic fish has been used in the Mayo community and more than 1,000 laboratories around the world due to its biological similarity to humans, advanced molecular genetics, and elucidation of its genome sequence. Zebrafish embryos can also be genetically modified. Zebrafish shares 70% similar genes with humans. The zebrafish genome has been completely sequenced, and more than 140,000 genes have been mutated to study its function in development and disease.