I have visited Aceprimer, but it does not work for me.
I have sent an error message via email address shown after error message, but no response.

I want to genotype a KO allele created by CRISPR by PCR.
I made a KO for transposon gene, which has multiple similar sequence in the genome.
For genotyping, I need an algorithm to give a set of primers from the position of the genome.
Does anyone know a good website for primer design.
Also, does anyone know the status of Aceprimer? I’d appreciate if anyone would let me know about Aceprimer.


The interface is a little clunky but primers suggested by Primer3 have always worked for me. At least that’s true at the standard settings, for moderately sized products; if I desperately need exactly a particular primer position or I’m trying to amplify a very large product, and so fiddle with the settings to get a primer I like, it’s less certain to work.

Thank you for the comment

Steven Jones’s group has kindly restored Aceprimer!

By selecting WS283_VC2010, you can pick a primer set for PCR on the latest genome assembly VC2010. Note that the primer given by Aceprimer is correct but the gene annotation on the picture shown with primer sequence is based on WS283 (it is different from the gene annotation on VC2010). You can simply neglect the picture and use the primer sequence.

Let’s cite the paper for Aceprimer and acknowledge when you use;
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