activators of daf-16

Hello all,

Im looking for two pieces of information regarding daf-16 activation.

  1. Molecules that transcriptionally activate daf-16.
  2. Molecules that regulate daf-16 nuclear accumulation.

Any papers/reviews/information will be greatly appreciated !

Thank you

for your question 2, AKT-1 is reviewed negatively regulating DAF-16 translocation into nuclear by phosphorylation it.

I would recommend a literature search of WormBase as well as PubMed.

In non-worm literature there are many regulators of FoxO transcription factors, and no doubt some of these are conserved in worms. But in worms the big characterized pathway is PI3K, which ends in akt-1/2 phsophorylation/inhibition of DAF-16 and control of its nuclear import/export. I’d be shocked if there aren’t others.