Aldicarb prices through the roof!

As far as I know there is one company that makes Aldicarb these days called Chemservice. They supply Sigma and other chemical suppliers.
Over the last 3 years the price of Aldicarb has gone up from $80 for 1 gram to $100 for 50 mg. When I talked to a sales manager from Chemservice he mentioned that new regulations led to the ban of Aldicarb. No one is synthesizing the chemical anymore. Chemservice are now scouring US farmers to get the left over TEMIK pesticide to purify aldicarb from the pesticide. Hence the price increase. Is this the end worm neurotransmission research or does any one have an alternative source for aldicarb? Or another acetylcholinesterase inhibitor that could be used?
Thanks, Mark