Ampicillin resistant OP50

Hi All

Does anyone know where you can procure an ampicilin resistant OP50 strain? We need it to mix with and dilute one of our RNAi strains (which carry the ampicllin resistance gene).



We’ve deposited a strain of AMP-resistant OP50 with the CGC ( It does express GFP, too.

If that’s a problem, we’ve also got a derivative of OP50.1 (Strep resistant) that carries pUC4K. This confers resistance to Ampicillin and Kanamycin; you can grow it on plates containing Km and/or Ap. Just email me and we can send it.


You could use HT115 E. coli transformed with the empty feeding vector pL4440. This would prevent complications caused by using different types of bacteria. HT115 is type K-12 while OP50 is type B, I believe.