An updated Multiple Genome Viewer now includes human and rat genomes and transcripts

The Multiple Genome Viewer (MGV ) has been rewritten to be species agnostic and now includes human, rat and 4 other model organism reference genomes, as well as the C57BL/6J reference genome (both Build 38 and 39) and 18 other mouse inbred strains. The MGV allows you to explore and compare chromosomal regions between multiple selected species and mouse strains, and to view orthology and inferred paralogy relationships across genomes. This update also includes transcripts and CDSs, the ability to zoom down to the DNA basepair level, and easily download FASTA files of selected sequences and regions. The Viewer permits searches by genes and other genome features, genome coordinates, expression location, and function, phenotype, and disease terms. All searches access mouse gene annotations from MGI via API calls to MouseMine.

For a selected gene, you can download genomic DNA, composite transcripts, all transcripts, and CDS sequences for your selected homologs.

You can access the viewer from the Analysis Tools menu in the dark blue banner at the top of MGI web pages and from the Strain Comparison section on MGI Gene Detail pages.

The MGV software is freely available in GitHub

Please send questions and comments to MGI User Support,