Announcing a New Board

Dear Forum Members,

We have been discussing on the scientific discussion board the best way to collate and provide access to commonly requested facts and figures about C elegans.

We now have a new board set up on the worm forum dedicated to facts and figures about C. elegans. Information such as av. protein, DNA, RNA & lipid content of worms (perhaps at different stages), length/diameter have all been requested on a number of occasions.

This could then be the first port of call for new and existing members of the forum seeking this kind of information.

I will set up a number of ‘starting’ posts on the board regarding worm size, mass density etc, as well as DNA,RNA and protein content (and any others I can think of).

Readers of these posts can 1. comment on the values, and/or 2. suggest better values or references to these values…thus for example, future readers would have all discussions on ‘protein content per worm’ in a single informative thread rather than them being imbedded in other threads.

I hope this new board is useful and look forward to your input!