antibody for western blotting

is there any special company fabricating antibodies for western blot with c.elegans? Or do I have to test if an antibody ,commercial available for other species, is useable?

Most (but not all) C. elegans proteins are different enough from the standard human or mouse proteins that you have to have a specific antibody generated against the worm protein. And then the antibody may or may not work on Westerns and/or fixed cells. The exceptions are some commercially available antibodies to highly conserved proteins such as actin or tubulin As posted previously: mouse monoclonal anti-actin (JLA20) from Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank (DSHB) works on worm Westerns at 1:2000. You can use this as a control to be sure your Westerns are working properly before you go on to look at a specific protein of interest.

Good luck, Janet