anybody have a mosSCI strain with a visible marker on II?

Hi all,

I’m trying to map a mutation between II:8.96 and II:10.02. Since the mosSCI insertion site at II:8.42 is just to the left of my interval, I’m hoping I can use someone’s successfully integrated transgene (into mosSCI insertion strain EG6699) as a marker for my mapping.

It doesn’t matter to me what the marker is, but I need it to be reasonably score-able under a fluorescent or white-light dissecting scope. If anybody’s generated such a strain, I’d love to know.



Hi Annalise,

We’ve deposited a strain at the CGC with a bright Peft-3:GFP insertion at the Chr. II mosSCI site that should work for your purpose. The strain is called EG6070.

You can find an overview of bright insertions at most of the MosSCI sites here:

We’ve also deposited a set of 158 bright single-copy insertions (easily visible on our dissection microscope) at determined positions across the genome. Most are Peft-3:tdTomato:H2B strains but there are also a couple of GFP strains among them. We use them quite extensively in the lab to build double and triple mutants. Although not true balancers, they are easy to use to move mutations around because of their dominant nature. You can find a searchable list of those strains here:

And now that we’re at it. One of the graduate students in the lab (Matt LaBella) also made two new mapping strains that rely on three different fluorophores on three chromosomes that can be distinguished on a dissection microscope. They’re in a Him background so they’re quite easy to use for mapping new mutations - just determine which fluorophore segregates away from your mutant. The strains are named EG8040 and EG8041 and are also available from the CGC.




This is fantastic. Definitely going to take advantage of these resources. Thanks so much!!