Application of oxidative/reductive stressors...?

Can oxidative/reductive stressors (specifically paraquat, juglone, diamide, DTT) be included directly in NGM or is it better to transfer
worms to M9 (supplemented with OP50) for different times containing each of these?

We mix paraquat with 10X concentrated bacteria and put it on NGM. After the bacteria dries, we put worms on it. You need to calculate the final concentration according to the volume of NGM.

I’ve only performed juglone assays, but it was super easy. You incubate worms in a drop of M9 with juglone (or an ethanol control) for 20 min and then plate them out, assaying for survival 18 hours later. Really clean assay in my hands. I used the protocol in this BMC Micro paper by Gomez et al.:

Don’t forget the bacteria may metabolize the drugs. So, if you want to mix the drugs with bacteria
for long term incubation, be sure you have killed the bacteria!