Appropriate antifungal agents.


I’ve recently started using the wet plate protocol for the production of dauer worms and, as the protocol itself mentions, fungal contamination is a serious issue and the use of an antifungal is recommended. Can anyone recommend a specific antifungal agent general enough to keep a wet plate clear of growth for several weeks without harming the worms?

We have used nystatin as an antifungal agent in deletion mutagenesis screening, and the worms tolerate it well.

We’ve also used nystatin successfully. Since it’s quite insoluble, we usually buy a sterile suspension from Sigma (N1638). We’ve been using this both in plates and for liquid culture of worms. Nystatin will cut down your contamination, but likely not completely eliminate it. We still do get some molds on plates, but it is at a much lower rate than if we omit the nystatin.



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i haven’t tried any other antifungal agent since nystatin from Sigma works very good in our lab.