Arcade cell marker F25B12.1

On Wormatlas [1], there is an image (InterFIG 3 A) of the arcade cells with the legend:

A. Epifluorescent image of the head of a transgenic animal expressing the F25B12.1::GFP reporter in arcade cells, […] (Strain source: The Genome BC C. elegans gene expression consortium; McKay et al., 2004.)

This gene F25B12.1 does not seem to exist on Wormbase or anywhere else I looked. Does anyone know what the actual gene is, or where to find that information?

1: handbook, epithelial interfacial cells, link_

I’m wondering if the gene referenced is a typo. Here’s why:

F25B12 looks like a buried clone. It wasn’t used in the final assembly.

The canonical clone for that region of the genome is ZC501. Even then, there’s very little information on this clone. It was fingerprinted and placed on the physical map but no sequence is available, nor are any genes annotated to it.

I’ll ask my colleagues at WB if they have any insight.

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The wormatlas page cites McKay et al, which doesn’t seem to mention this reporter or the arcade cells; it also refers to the online resource of GFP promoter fusions at Albert Einstein linked from the BC C. elegans Gene Expression Consortium, but that page seems to be offline. So a couple of the obvious ways to figure out what they had aren’t available.

The WormAtlas page was written by Zeynep Altun and David Hall, try contacting them and see if they might be able to help you.

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