ASH specific promoter

Hello, can anyone give a suggestion on ASH specific promoter? I can’t find a specific promoter driving GFP expression only in ASH neurons. Many thanks!


sra-6p::gfp. good one for ASH neuron.

Does anyone know how specific this is? I read it’s also weakly expressed in ASI. Wormbase also suggests a few other neurons on the expression section of the sra-6 gene page.

Thanks, elegant life. The sra-6p is not very specific.

Seems like there are no ASH-only expression patterns for genes reported in WB.

Poked a bit around WormBase and got this expression pattern,

Would both ASH and ADL work for you?

Thanks for trying to help, Snug! We need to find ASH-specific promoter.

I scanned the literature a bit. You’ll need to get fancy a bit fancy and maybe use FLPase like so:

hi David,
check srv-11, WBPaper00045214
Supplementary figure 1
the authors do not mention if there is additional expression, though

Thanks, Daniela. I can’t get this paper through our school. Will it be ok for you to send me this paper?

Thanks, Snug! This paper is very helpful.

David, the paper is here:

and the title is
Screening of Odor-Receptor Pairs in Caenorhabditis elegans Reveals Different Receptors for High and Low Odor Concentrations

Good luck!

I have been curating neuronal gene expression and function data from papers, and making it available in my C. elegans neural network visualization available at

So for example, check out the page on ASH:

The left pane contains information about ASH. As you can see, there is no unique reporter in my database. As others have suggested, sra-6 is probably the most commonly used in the literature, even though it isn’t unique to ASH.

What might prove useful, if you take a combinatorial approach, is the list of gene pairs shown that uniquely overlap in ASH, which is also listed in the left pane. There are currently 398 pairs in the database. Of course, before picking any of them, you should look at the expression pattern images yourself to confirm that they would indeed be unique.

Just wanted to make people aware of this resource at

Thank you so much, Daniela and Nikhil!!!