Automatic Program for Batch Body Length Measuement

Worm Photo

Processed Photo with Perimeter and Body Length Measured (Up to three worms in each photos)


  1. Download and unzip:

  2. Execute: InstallMCRInstaller.exe

  3. Place “lon11.exe” into the same folder containing worm pictures in ‘tif’ or ‘jpg’ format

  4. Run “lon11.exe”

  5. Eat a lunch

  6. The processed picture are placed in a folder named “Processed”. Each of the picture contains the lengths and parameters of detected worms in the same resolution as the original image.

  7. Starting from the processed picture, you can fine tune the measured length by reading it into imageJ. e.g. Adding more pixel that are not successfully detected or deducting extra pixels.

Notes: The contrast and quality of the input image is critical in determining the successful measurement of body length. Make sure you fully tested these parameters (e.g. by photo taking a single worm with different contrast and test for successful measurement) before doing batch analysis.

Author: Timothy