Batch query to annotate Agilent Arrays

Dear WormBase community,

I’m looking for a tool for batch searching WormBase with search items like ‘AC3.13’ or ‘NM_067382’.
Basically I have some badly annotated Agilent microarray data (apr 8000 genes) and I’d like to comple their annotation for fields like ‘Sequence name’, ‘WB Gene ID’, ‘Concise Description’, chromosome location, protein-name, UniProt Ac, UniProt Id, GO ontologies, COG or orthologues .
Previously I’ve used Biomart (biomart=“WS220”, dataset=“wormbase_gene”), (with ‘SystematicName’ search items like ‘NM_067382’, C01B10.3’, ‘AB031233’, ‘AC3.2’ or ‘AC3.3’). I realized that tha majority of my identifiers were not found, however when manually looking up several one on Wormbase, they were actually found there !
So that’s why I’m looking for some tools directly on WormBase.
It seems WormMart allows extracting a part (eg GO terms) or is there something I am missing ?

Thank’s in advance,