best RNAi feeding strain to obtain sterile hermaphrodites at 20C


In an attempt to avoid using 5’fluordeoxyU, I’ve been using RNAi to kill off progeny. Pos-1 feeding gives 100% lethality at 25C but at 20C it’s slightly leaky. Are there any feeding strains in the Ahringer library that I could use that give 100% sterility when the worms are plated as L1s?


Hi Jason,
spe-26 feeding RNAi works well, with most or all animals becoming sterile and able to be rescued by mating.
I haven’t looked to see if there is a clone in the Ahringer library.

yup, it’s in the Ahringer library. I’ll give it a shot. fem-1, fem-3 and spe-4 don’t work FWIW. Thanks Jeremy!

cdc-25.1!! works perfectly :slight_smile:

forgot to add, cdc-25.1 does not work for the entire 100% of worms, but a relatively high percentage of over 80%. i just picked out the non-sterile ones. describes the use of cdc-25.1 in detail, you can take a look :slight_smile:

yes, i have been using pos-1 and cdc25.1.
the pos-1 effect seems to be “more clean” than cdc25.1 due to its leaky, but not much, like Aiwei mentioned.