Best way to pick worm embryos off of plates?

Hi worm experts!
I need to pick embryos laid on plates. I find this somewhat tedious and I’m afraid I might be harming some of the embryos. Does anyone have a good method for removing eggs from plates?

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Could try pipetting miniscule amounts of m9 under a dissecting microscope onto the eggs and back into the tip, then transfer. Woudl require good pipette control, but should be doable.

I have tried with a piece of film paper or a cell scraper, and then wash eggs off.

A P1000, a few ml of M9 and a bit of force if you are after large numbers or don’t mind getting large numbers.

Thank you to all. In the end we used a broad pick and scraped it against the bottom of a 400uL micro centrifuge tube with the bottom cut off. This tube was suspended in a 1.5mL tube containing M9. We were able to wash the embryos in this tube and freeze them for DNA extraction.