Better extracts from better eggs!

Those of us who make frog egg extracts for a living sometimes struggle with extract and egg quality. I thought a discussion related to this topic might be helpful. We can include husbandry, technical tips, protocol mods, etc. Whatever you learn or struggle with, we can all benefit from an open discussion.

We’ve struggled with what seem like immature eggs (small and soft). People have suggested that it might be nutritional. We are adding trout food (bio-oregon) to their diet to see if it helps. Has anyone else seen the small egg problem?

Perhaps, pictures can help. What is the water temperature? Ours is currently at 63.5F (17.5°C). Our frogs seem to be doing well after we switch to the National Xenopus Resource protocol (Nasco brittle and Bio-Oregon BioTrout).

Thanks Hiro. Don’t think I have pictures. We have 2 racks. They’ve both been at 64F for years. Recently, we moved one to 67 to see if that helps.