BioInformatics Workshop for Xenopus Researchers

When: April 6-11, 2023
Where: @ MBL. Woods Hole, MA

Attendees will be wet lab researchers who want to extend their understanding of computational analysis tools and methods, and may also want to acquire grounded computational skills to enable them to work independently. They may be PIs, post docs or PhD students, but are less likely to be research technicians.

The course will involve analyzing real data to illustrate all of the skills, techniques and approaches covered. All of this data will be drawn from experimental work in Xenopus.

‘No biologist left behind!’ Skills will be taught soundly and progressively with sufficient practice, so that no reasonably competent and attentive person has trouble keeping up with the basic skills being taught.

The best kit for delivering the course’s maximum impact and take-out value will be the users own laptop.

Attendees will be encouraged to bring/develop their own mini-projects during the course, but there will be relevant data available for people who do not bring their own.

Our goal is to present a comprehensive overview of bioinformatics but will try in advance to determine which methods are likely to be of most interest to our audience.

There will be a relatively low emphasis on touring ‘useful web sites’. External data sources will be explained and referenced as they are needed.

Main Instructors:

Taejoon Kwon, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), Republic of Korea
Leonid Peshkin, Harvard Medical School
Konrad Thorner (XenBase)
Malcolm Fisher (XenBase)
ChangHee Lee (Harvard Medical School)

Workshop Costs:

Event housing, meals and registration, Single room – $1577
Event housing, meals and registration, Double (shared room) – $1207
Event meals and registration (no housing) – $650
ID Only (no housing or meals) - $300

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For additional information, please contact:

Marko Horb, Ph.D.
Director, National Xenopus Resource (NXR)
Associate Scientist, Bell Center for Regenerative Biology and Tissue Engineering
Marine Biological Laboratory
7 MBL Street
Woods Hole, MA 02543
Office: (508) 289-7627
Lab: (508) 289-7370

Feedback from the Xenopus Community

“One of our post-docs attended the 2013 Bioinformatics workshop, and the training in RNA-seq analysis and general bioinformatics approaches he learned have been crucial for our research on Xenopus tropicalis embryo development. We are now pursuing several high-throughput sequencing projects–including RNA-seq and ChIP-seq–in early Xenopus embryos, and the design of these experiments and analysis of sequencing reads would not have been possible without the specialized knowledge he gained from the Bioinformatics workshop.”

“Great! I have sent one student to the bioinformatics course and he loved the course and came back and was immediately able to help many folks in the lab with bioinformatic issues.”

“I have sent three lab members to the Bioinformatics workshop. These lab members have learned the basic skills of genomic work and now routinely perform RNA-seq and ChIP-seq analyses.”