body-wall muscle and motorneurons promoters

What is your favorite, never fail, short yet strong body-wall-muscle promoter?
Any chance you have it (better yet: in Gateway) and are happy to share?

I am also looking for more ideas for motorneurons expressing promoters. Specifically those that will express in both inhibitory and excitatory motorneurons but (almost) not anywhere else. any leads will be welcomed.

For motor neuron markers:
unc-30 promoter is expressed in inhibitory DD/VD ventral nerve cord (VNC) motor neurons (MNs)
unc-25 and unc-47 promoters are expressed in all GABAergic MNs: DD/VDs in VNC, as well as the GABAergic MNs in the head and tail. Check landmark paper from Steve McIntire, as well as others from Erik Jorgensen’s lab and Yishi Jin’s lab.

unc-3 promoter is expressed in all cholinergic VNC MNs (although may also be in VD/DDs), as well as others in head/tail. I can’t recall if there is a bashed promoter that only expresses in VNC. check papers from Brinda Prasad and Randall Reed, among others.

unc-4 promoter is expressed in DA VNC MNs and SAB MNs in head in L1, VA MNs starting in L2, VC MNs starting in L3, and AVFs and FLPs in head.
del-1 promoter is mainly in VNC: VBs in L2, and then in L3 also expressed in VAs
acr-5 promoter is expressed in head/tail neurons, as well as DBs and VBs in VNC
ceh-12 promoter is expressed almost exclusively in VB VNC MNs
for these 4 genes see papers from David Miller’s lab

unc-55 is expressed in either DDs or VDs I think. Check papers from Bill Walthall’s lab.

unc-129 neuro-specific promoter is expressed in DA and DB MNs. See papers from Joe Culotti’s lab.

I am sure there are others I am forgetting, but hope that helps!

not sure about sizes of the muscle promoters, but myo-3 and unc-54 are two common BWM promoters. The Fire vector kits should contain GFP vectors with the myo-3 promoter (you can see all the Fire vectors at Addgene). Perhaps in Denis Dupuy’s promoterome paper (From Vidal lab) they used a muscle-specific promoter? All the promoterome constructs are in Gateway vectors.