Bright Fluorescent Embryonic Reporter from 26-cell to Hatching?

Hi there,

I am wondering if anyone has any helpful recommendations for reporters to try?

I am specifically looking for a fluorescent embryonic reporter that will light up the eggs brightly
from the time they are freshly laid on the plate (~26-cell stage) at least through 2- or 3-fold
stage, but up until larval hatching if possible and it’s okay if it stays on later. I need an integrated
reporter strain that will be bright enough to see and count the freshly laid eggs under the dissecting
microscope in thick RNAi food.

The tissue of expression doesn’t matter. Also, expression of the reporter should not make the worms
sick or negatively impede development and hatching. Ideally the strain would behave similarly to
wild type as far as growth, developmental timing, etc.

Thank you in advance for all of your help! It is very much appreciated!


Do you specifically need something that is not expressed prior to the 26 cell stage, or will anything that lights up embryos do the job? One we have used that is easily visible in embryos is his-72, but it’s also expressed in early embryos (and ubiquitously in larvae and adults). It is brightest around the stage you’re looking for though.

Hi Dan,

Thank you so much for getting back to me! Yes, expression before 26 cell stage is totally fine.
I just don’t think I’ll need to visualize it before then because the eggs will still be in the uterus.
The key thing is just being able to see fluorescent freshly laid eggs on the plate under the
dissecting scope.

It would be great if you think his-72 would be a good match! Is the reporter available through CGC?
If not, could you potentially share it with us? I really appreciate your help! Thank you so much!

All the best,