Bright GFPs for class

I teach a sophomore level cell biology lab class and have been giving each student their own GFP strain (trasncriptional or translational fusion) to study. Since I am expanding the class, I will be needing more strains. I am particularly interested in REALLY bright strains that have GFP localized in a specific subcellular compartment. For example, I am currently using GFP strains that label synaptic vesicles, intermediate filaments, or nuclei; some of the strains label the compartment in all cells while others label a subset of cells. I am looking for more strains that label subcellular compartements in all or a few cells. I am slowly but surely going through the GFP strains available from the CGC to see if they are suitable for my undergraduates. Do you have or do you know of a bright GFP strain that is not in the CGC that you are willing to share? Or could you recommend any particular CGC strain (which I may or may not have examined yet) for my class?

FYI, I plan to have a poster about the class (and the strains that I use) at the next worm meeting.

Thanks, Janet

Hi Janet, here are a few good germline strains available from cgc: xa3501 (GFP microtubules and chromosomes), JJ1473 (NMY2), TH32 (chromosomes and gamma-tubulin), AZ212 (chromosomes)
For a bunch of membrane/organelle markers see these references: Chen MBOC 2006, Sato NCB 2005, Franz EMBO 2005
Good Luck,