C.briggsae Beta-Tubulins


I know that C.elegans has 6 Beta-Tubulin genes, anyone know how many C.briggsae has?

Much appreciated y’all.


if you look at the tbb gene class (try searching for tbb / gene_class),
you can see that for all beta-tubulins, except tbb-6 there is a C.briggsae ortholog.
Also tbb-3 is not approved by CGC and tbb-1 is ben-1/Cbr-ben-1 .

from http://dev.wormbase.org/db/seq/gbrowse_syn/pecan/?src=pecan;search_src=elegans;name=V%3A12257510..12267509
I would say, that tbb-6 is a C.elegans specific duplication. But you might want to have a closer look, maybe there was just a transposition we didn’t pick it up.