C.elegans extension for Chrome browser

here is a tool that might be of use that adds a C. elegans extension to your Google Chrome browser and is freely available at the Google Chrome web store here:


just click the ‘add to chrome’ link to install and your done

hmmm … maybe I am using it wrong, but if I put WBGene00001135 or eat-4 in the box and hit submit for any of the options, I get either a “not found” popup or an error page.

that’s strange - works fine for me (see attachment)

p.s. only accepts common gene name i.e. eat-4 not WB…

hmm … works like a charm now.
Might have been a WormBase problem.

Do you think, you could add a Papers option?

Glad to hear it’s working

Re adding a papers option: yes, that would be straightforward; I’ll try add that feature to the next version

p.s. If you encounter any bugs pls email me at damienoh@gwu.edu