C.elegans protein extraction kits?

So I received this e-mail about PCT Shredder Kits for C.elegans protein extraction (as seen below), and Im wondering if anyone has used these/heard of these?


ProteoSolve-CE Native (Cat. # KCEN-01): A “Gentle” kit for the extraction of native proteins.
The ProteoSolve-CE Native Kit was developed for the maximal recovery of native proteins and protein complexes from the nematode C. elegans under minimally denaturing conditions in which native conformation and activity are preserved.

ProteoSolve-CE Stringent (Cat.# KCES-01): A “Powerful” kit for the extraction of higher yields of denatured proteins.
The ProteoSolve-CE Stringent Kit was developed for the effective disruption of the C. elegan’s cuticle, allowing for maximal recovery of proteins under highly denaturing conditions.

Both kits utilize The PCT Shredder in conjunction with either PBI’s NEP2320 or NEP3229 Barocycler to provide the customer with increased protein yield as compared to other methods, such as bead beating or mortar and pestle grinding with liquid nitrogen.

Have you used this kit for protein extraction. If you already did, please let me it is either useful or not. Then we also want to try.
Sincerely Yours,