C Elegans suppliers in Europe


Are there any sources of C Elegans in Europe (preferably the UK)?
I ordered some from the CGC in Minnesota but they arrived dead after nearly 1 month in transit. They’ve send a replacement batch but that has also been in transit for close to 1 month and I fear they will also arrive dead. Maybe shipping from Europe would be quicker and safer.
Ideally I want fluorescent strains but anything would do right now just to get started with our project.
Many thanks

I’m not aware of a stock center, but you might be able to get help from a local C. elegans lab?

The CGC has a list of every lab anywhere in the world that’s been given a prefix with which to name its strains. At least 42 UK labs are listed there, you could contact a lab close to you and see if they can help you with strains or advice.

Thank you - that’s an excellent idea.
I will take a look at the list of labs and try to make contact.

I Just know C. elegans Antibody provider in the UK, as Creative Biolabs-model organism, you could find it from its main menu bar by “Species”.