C. elegans synaptosomes?


I’m interested in looking at some of the synaptic components in C. elegans neurons and was wondering about the possibility of doing a synaptosome preparation. I haven’t been able to find any examples in the literature of this technique being applied to C. elegans and was wondering why. Is it not possible for synaptosomes to be extracted from worms or is it just too difficult to get enough material to analyze? If anyone knows of any published examples of this technique I would greatly appreciate them!

Thank you,


Hello Joseph,

I am wondering if you ended up finidng answers to your questions.
I am currently in your same position from 2018 and i still can’t find a proper protocol for synaptosome preparation from C. elegans.


Sorry Arim, I never found any protocols on synaptosome preps in C. elegans.

Best of luck!