C. elegans tail promoter

Hello everyone!

I would like to express fluorescent proteins (like GFP or mCherry) in C. elegans in the tail. Is there a promoter that expresses only in the tail for hermaphrodites?

Thank you!
Khlifa Alnaim

It would help if you were to clarify what you mean by “the tail” and if by “for hermaphrodites” you mean that you need it to be sex-specific and not expressed in males, or it’s just that you need something that does express in hermaphrodites, with expression in males being okay, and aren’t interested in hearing about things that express in the male tail but not in hermaphrodites.

What I mean by the tail is, anything that is expressed in the tail region, as long as it’s bright enough to notice. I know of a promoter that does the same but only in males, so I was hoping I’d find one that expresses in both males and hermaphrodites, but if it only expresses in hermaphrodites then it’s fine too.

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