Call for papers: Physiological Genomics of Exercise in Health and Disease

The Molecular Genetics of Complex Traits Section of Physiological Genomics has issued a call for papers inviting articles on a Special Section entitled:

Physiological Genomics of Exercise in Health and Disease

Research and review articles describing research related to the following broad themes are solicited:

  1. Studies addressing the search for genetic determinants/variations related to the heritability, physiology, and pathophysiology of exercise and/or related cardiovascular traits. These may include both human and model organism research through linkage, association and candidate gene studies;
  2. Genetics, genomics, and epigenetics of exercise and hypoxia;
  3. Pharmacogenomics and exercise physiology.

The deadline for submission of articles is March 1, 2014. Please address any enquiries regarding this special call by emailing the Section Editor, Prof. Bina Joe,

For more information, you can also visit the website at

Bina Joe, PhD
Section Editor
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Center for Hypertension and Personalized Medicine and Program in Physiological Genomics
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