Call for Worm Singers for A 'Passion for the Worm' Chorale

Dearly Beloved Wormies,

Needed: Sopranos, altos, tenors & basses - to video-record a Bach-harmonized chorale with wormy lyrics (Hassler/Bach - ‘O sacred head’)
at the worm meeting to play in the 2019 Worm Show. Some folks already lined up - more needed.

Please email me if interested and available, and when you’re arriving at UCLA. I will send music and work with all to schedule a rehearsal + recording time.

Being able to prep your music / part before arrival is best. Along with sheet music, I can send music files with all four parts as well as each
individual part (midi files or other). But if you’re a quick study, you’re welcome, too.

Curtis Loer